How To Order

Placing the order:

Now we only accept orders from Email(highly recommended) or phone. We will try our best to respond to your order within 24 hours.

To place an order, please send us a copy ofyour purchase order, which must have the following information:

(1) purchaseorder number;

(2) Detailed shipping and billingaddresses;

(3) Pharmamoutain Catalogue number

(4) Chemical name, product weight (mg, or gram), product quantity.


For order of multiple products, unlesscustomer requests, all products will be shipped together, Customer areresponsible for the multiple shipping fees.

Purchase order can be sent via:

(1) Email: sales@pharmamountain.com. (highlyrecommended)

(2) Phone: 9195372566.

Shipping cost and delivery time:

All products will be shipped through Fedex or UPS standard express shipping. Shipping/packing charges:
(1) Domestic: from (0.00 (delivery time is usually 1-2 days),
(2) Canada: from<5.00 (delivery time is usually 1-2 days)
(3) International: from $70.00 (delivery time is usually 3-5 days).

Shipping cost will be prepaid by Pharmamountain Inc. and then included into the invoice. If your shipping account is provided, we will not charge additional shipping fee.

Payment method:

Now we accept payment through PayPal for domestic and international customers. For domestic customers, we also accept wire transfer or direct deposit.

Once the order is placed, we will try outbest to ship out the product ASAP if the product is in stock. For the ordered ones, we promise to deliver you the product in the due date.

Should you have any questions, pleasecontact sales@pharmamountain.comfor more information.

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